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Realistic handcrafted portrait

We created a unique handcrafted drawing to honor the CEO of INTERLABOR.



We were asked to come up with a perfect present to be given to the CEO of INTERLABOR. After generating some ideas, we decided for a hand drawn portrait because of its uniqueness, the patience and careful work it would take to finalize it as a sign of respect and gratitude.


Because the distance wouldn’t allow a live portrait drawing we used a photography as a basis for the image. To assure the drawing would be as close to the original image as possible. We translated the highlights, shadows and the basic shapes into simple line drawing.

After the lines were transferred to the paper, the spaces were filled using a pencil and pressure to produce the different shades of grey. The original image was always used as reference in order to obtain the right contrasts between the lit and dark areas.


The different materials and textures resulted is a one of a kind image which no photography or digital painting could achieve.

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