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„Leben in Deutschland“ – Illustrated Guide

“Leben in Deutschland” works with images to promote mutual respect to one another in daily life situations. The objective is to generate interest in our culture and traditions and despite the language barrier create a positive atmosphere.



Our job was to produce a consistent series of 24 illustrations based on the script given by the client. Also we designed the booklet and coordinate the print production.


The final product aims to a broad and mixed target group. We worked close to the client to generate ideas for the final script which resulted on a collection of 24 different scenes. The scenes were then turned into scribbles to give the client an idea about what the scenes would look like. But it also helps us to reserve space for the upcoming text.

After a round of adjustments on the scribbled scenes we started producing the final images.

We decided to work with vector graphics as they offer more flexibility. For example, in case of request for color changes or replacement of an object in the scene.


Illustration is one of our passions. If you have questions about this subject, we are at your disposal.