07. April 2016

We are always looking into the newest web technologies. The newest to come into focus is a CMS called CraftCMS. It takes a fresh approach by focusing on editing content as well as managing it. No TinyMCE here. The markup is completely separate from the business logic so you can add any powerful frontend framework you desire. The page content is built using user defined fields that can be as generic or contextual as you need.

Until now WordPress was our choice of CMS, but it was often a battle to work around its shortcomings. Things like:

  • Does not scale well (messy Dashboard)
  • Does not allow simple page / post / media relationships
  • Difficult and confused API
  • Lack of support for emerging web standards
  • Fundamentally a blogging platform

CraftCMS does well in all of thesis areas and brings an extra perks along with it:

  • Easy templating with Twig
  • Powerful and consistent API for plugin development
  • Flexible content models and relationships
  • Easy to use, build and extend content builder

To give you an understanding of how easy it is to use, compared to WordPress, let’s look at a simple example. To get the alt attribute of an image in CraftCMS you have can write:


and in WordPress:

[code]$thumb_id = get_post_thumbnail_id(get_the_ID()); $alt = get_post_meta($thumb_id, ‘_wp_attachment_image_alt’, true);[/code]